How to Install a Butt Joint/Seam with the Trex Hideaway® Butt Joint Clip


Butt joints/seams are a common point of failure on decks due to the complexity required for proper installation. That's why Trex launched the Trex Hideaway Butt Joint Clip. Discover how this innovative design makes installing a butt joint easy, while also saving time and materials.

Disclaimer: Instructions provided by Trex® are based on the build specifications that Trex® demonstrated in the Trex® Academy video series, and are not universal to all homeowners’ projects. A homeowner’s build may vary from Trex’s instructions based on the homeowner’s local municipality requirements, individual design preference and project specifications. For questions or assistance needed during your project, please reach out to

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Kapitel  01: Why Use the Trex Hideaway Butt Joint Clip?
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A butt joint (also known as a butt seam) refers to where two deck boards meet end to end over a single joist. Traditionally, installing a butt joint requires extra blocking and four fasteners for a secure connection. Not only do these extra steps add time to your project, but they also add to your material costs, especially if your project requires a large number of butt joints. Often, proper care is not taken to ensure butt joints are installed correctly, which can result in boards lifting up over time, detracting from the look of the deck and creating a safety hazard.

The Trex Hideaway Butt Joint Clip is uniquely designed for installing butt joints and offers innovations to reduce the labor and materials needed to fasten a butt joint securely. With extra long "wings" to engage the grooved edge of the deck boards, only one Butt Joint Clip is required per side. Plus, the clip's "shoulders" provide additional support, eliminating the need for extra blocking. Now that you know how the clip works, let's dive into how to install a butt joint with the Trex Hideaway Butt Joint Clip.

Step 1: Place the First Clip

Place the first Butt Joint Clip over the open single joist and slide it firmly into the grooved edge of the adjacent deck board.

Step 2: Install the First Clip

Using a T15 drive bit (provided), install the screws on each side of the clip into the joist. Be careful not to over drive the screws into the clip.

Step 3: Trim the Deck Board Ends

Trim factory ends of boards, up to 3/16", to ensure a uniform butt joint.

Step 4: Confirm Span

Deck boards must span a minimum of 3 joists.

Step 5: Place the Deck Boards

Center the two board ends over the joist, following the end-to-end or butt joint gapping recommendations in the Trex installation guide. Then push both boards firmly onto the Butt Joint Clip so that the open wing of the clip is fully seated in the grooved edge of both boards.

Step 6: Place and Install the Second Clip

Place the second Butt Joint Clip over the joist and slide it firmly into the grooved edge of the previously placed boards. Using a T15 drive bit, install the screws on each side of the clip into the joist. Be careful not to over drive the screws into the clip.

You're now ready for the next deck board. For help fastening your deck boards, explore our guide How to Fasten Trex Enhance® Decking.


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